Send Appointment Link via SMS

Providers are able to send appointment links via SMS text to their patients. These text links will not require the patient to login to their JoinCareTeam account to engage in the video session. The patient can simply click the link to join and will immediately be entered into the consultation with their provider.

Providers are able to send their patient an appointment link with on simple click. Within the hour of the appointment, a white chat button will appear next to the green start button. Once clicked, a text containing the appointment link will be sent to the patient's mobile phone. 


1. At the appointment time, navigate to the appointment from the My Appointments tab

2. Before clicking start, click on the white chat button to send the appointment link

3. A notification will appear at the top of the screen, "Appointment Link Sent Successfully"

4. Click the green Start button to begin the consultation

The patient will join the session by clicking the link they received via SMS. They will not need to sign-in to enter the consultation.

NOTE: The white chat button will appear only for confirmed appointments and within the hour of the appointment start time. The white chat button will appear immediately next to the confirm and start button for Quick appointments.