Invite Patients to Register

Inviting patients to JoinCareTeam will require the patient to register and create their own account. To create an account for the patient, use the Create Patient feature instead.

Inviting a patient to JoinCareTeam will allow the patient to create their own account in order to engage in video consultations. Inviting patients may be done by the Admin and Sub Admins given access in the portal. 

There is no limit to the number of patients a portal can have. 


1. Navigate to the Vertical Toolbar on the left-hand-side and scroll down

2. Click on the Invite Patient tab

3. At the top of the page under Invite Patient for Registration there is a place to enter in the email address of your Patient account - this email is how the invitation will be accepted

4. There is also a drop down to choose the patient’s provider or you may choose all providers

5. Enter the new Patient account email address, choose the Provider or all and click Invite

The following steps need to be completed by the Patient

6. The new Patient account will receive 2 separate emails from JoinCareTeam - the first email will ask them to Sign Up, once clicked they will be directed to the JoinCareTeam registration page

7. The Patient will enter the same email address they received the JoinCareTeam email from, create a password and click Register

8. The second email will then be sent so the Patient can confirm their account - Patient must click Confirm my account

9. They will then be directed to the JoinCareTeam login page where they can enter the username and password

10. Once signed in, the Patient will need to enter their profile information completely and click Save