Confirm and Sign into Created Account

This article is meant for patient accounts created for the patient by their health center.

After your patient account is created by staff, you will receive two separate emails from JoinCareTeam: a confirmation link and a randomly-generated password. You must confirm your account via email and sign-in to your JoinCareTeam profile.


1. Open the first email from JoinCareTeam

Subject: Confirmation Instructions

2. Click Confirm my Account

3. Wait for the JoinCareTeam login page to appear

4. Open the second email from JoinCareTeam

Subject: Important: Certintell Test Account Login Credentials

5. Copy the random password on the screen

6. Go back to the JoinCareTeam login page

7. Sign-in to JoinCareTeam by entering your email and pasting the password

Please check over your profile information to make sure it is correct. 

NOTE: It is recommended that you still fully complete your profile information and fill in any missing data. Once the information is filled in, you can click Save.