Add a Mobile Phone Number

This article is only for patients who created their own accounts and would like to receive sms appointment links.

Providers are able to send appointment links via SMS text to their patients. These text links will not require you to login to your JoinCareTeam account to engage in the video session. You can simply click the link to join and will immediately be entered into the consultation with your provider.

You will need a mobile phone number listed in your JoinCareTeam account.

You can now enter your mobile phone number into your profile information in your JoinCareTeam account. Adding a mobile phone number will allow you to receive appointment links directly via sms.


1. Login to JoinCareTeam

2. Go to your My Accounts tab at the bottom of the left-hand-side toolbar

3. Click on My Profile

4. Scroll down to Contact information

5. Enter in your Mobile Phone Number in the labeled text box

6. Click Save

NOTE: You may enter the same number in the Phone field and the Mobile Phone field in your Contact information.