General Information

The Meaning Behind Certintell

We empower safety-net providers to bring care management solutions to underserved populations through telehealth. Our goal is to be able to tell these providers, "With certainty, you will be able to tell what’s going on with your patients using our health care solutions." (Certin-tell)

Contact Certintell

Reach us through chat during working hours at or any of the following: Mail: 317 6th Ave. Suite 901, Des Moines, IA 50309 Call: 800-946-9143 Email:

Additional Information: JoinCareTeam Replacing UcareConnect

The launch of JoinCareTeam aligns with our goal to make a tool that you can fully integrate into your workflows and a brand name that can be wholly owned by your internal teams. JoinCareTeam is meant to be inclusive and give your center the ability to make it your own. We can’t wait for you to begin engaging with patients through JoinCareTeam. We will keep you updated with pertinent details as we get closer to the launch of JoinCareTeam. What does this mean for me? - You will be getting ...

What is JoinCareTeam?

JoinCareTeam™ is a HIPAA and PHI-compliant, cloud-based telehealth platform that allows safety-net providers to reach underserved populations. To learn more about JoinCareTeam and its additional features/functionalities, and other care management solutions, such as Chronic Care Management (CCM), Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), Behavioral Health Integration (BHI) and more, please contact us today.