Book a Normal Appointment

A Normal Appointment is a scheduled appointment made for a time or day in the future. 


1. Navigate to the Book Appointment tab on the left Vertical Toolbar

2. Search for the patient and once found, click Select - the box should now be green and say Selected 

3. Select the Provider the patient is to see from the drop down list

4. Click Create Appointment under the Provider’s profile picture 

5. JoinCareTeam’s scheduler default is set to a Quick appointment - Click the blue Quick tab to switch to a Normal appointment - the box should now be grey

6. Click on the blue mini calendar or anywhere along the line to select the date

7. Click on the blue mini clock or anywhere along the line to select the time of day - grey time-frames mean the time is unavailable - and select your time-frame

8. Enter a description about the appointment if desired - we recommend the patient’s EHR Chart #

9. To invite a Guest (optional), check the box next to “I want to invite guest to consultation”

10. Enter in the Guest’s email - Guest will not need any credentials or access to JoinCareTeam to join the consultation

11. Click Create Appointment

12. A notification will now be sent to the Provider, Patient and Guest if applicable to start the consultation - Guests will receive an email with the joining link when the Provider confirms the appointment