November 28, 2020 Release

We are continually making improvements and updates to JoinCareTeam, this release features important JoinCareTeam App changes & improvements:

Patients no longer need to download a mobile application — saving space on their phone and saving time for every use.

In a mobile-first world, where it’s important to allow individuals to take care of their health from home or a clinic, we are making important updates to the JoinCareTeam telehealth application. These updates will make appointments easier to access to patients and more convenient to benefit from telehealth virtual visits. 


  • Providers are now able to send appointment links via SMS text to their patients. These text links will not require the patient to login to their JoinCareTeam account to engage in a video session. The patient can simply click the link to join and will immediately be entered into the consultation with their provider.
  • Patients no longer need to Download an application. The JoinCareTeam app no longer needs to be downloaded for Android or Apple devices and can be deleted if it’s already downloaded onto a patient’s smartphone. This means storage won’t be taken up on a patient’s smartphone and they will be able to access virtual visits from any internet browser.