Invite Sub Admins to Register

The Admin must invite every Sub Admin into the portal before they are given access to start booking appointments. There is no limit to the number of Sub Admins a portal can have. 


1. Navigate to the Vertical Toolbar on the left-hand-side and scroll down

2. Click on the Invite Sub Admins tab

3. At the top of the page under Invite Sub Admin there is a place to enter in the email address of your new Sub Admin - their email is how they will accept your invitation 

4. Enter the new Sub Admin’s email address and click Invite

The following steps need to be completed by the Sub Admin.

5. The new Sub Admin will receive 2 separate emails from JoinCareTeam - they will need to first confirm their account in the first email and then the second email will contain their login credentials (username and password)

6. From the main login screen (e.g. the Sub Admin will enter their email address and paste the password provided in the email and click Login

7. The Sub Admin must fill out their profile information completely and click Save

8. Once the Sub Admin saves their profile information, their account is ready for use