Receive Appointment Link via SMS

Providers are able to send appointment links via SMS text to their patients. These text links will not require you to login to your JoinCareTeam account to engage in the video session. You can simply click the link to join and will immediately be entered into the consultation with your provider.

You will need a mobile phone number listed in your JoinCareTeam account - see additional help article if necessary.

Entering consultations by sms link will not require you to sign into your account to join the video.


1. At the appointment time, you will receive a text message containing a link

  • The text message will list the provider you are meeting with and your health center

2. Click the link to join the session

3. You will immediately be entered into the session

4. Click Allow to allow for microphone and camera access

5. You are ready to visit with your provider in JoinCareTeam