Create a Patient Account

Institutional staff now have the ability to create patient accounts in JoinCareTeam. Institutional staff consists of the site Admin, Sub Admins, and Providers. Creating a patient account requires a minimal set of data: name, DOB, mobile phone number, and email. All the patient needs to do is confirm their account and sign-in.


1. Navigate to the Create Patient tab at the bottom of the left-hand-side toolbar

2. Fill out the patient's information: First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Mobile Phone Number, Email

3. Choose to affiliate the patient to no Provider, a specific Provider, or ALL Providers

4. Click Save

5. Look for the notification, "Patient Created Successfully

All fields must be filled out in order to create the patient account.

NOTE: Affiliation determines what patient lists the patients show up on. By selecting "None" from the Provider Affiliation dropdown, the patient will be affiliated with the Institution only and thus, will show up in the Admin and Sub Admin patient list. If a specific Provider is selected, the patient will be affiliated with that specific provider only and the institution. If "All" is selected, the patient will be affiliated with all Providers in the Institution and the Institution itself.